NEW Oversized scarves and LUXE scrunchie sets coming Nov 1st!!! FREE Local Pickup in Georgetown , Ont.

Georgetown Bread Basket

The Georgetown Bread Basket is in high demand right now and they need our donations more than ever.

Most Items in the shop are priced well below retail with 100% of the money for masks and a selection of other clearance items going to the GBB.

25% of the proceeds of all other items will be donated to the GBB as well!

I am donating all my materials and time - for the "pay what you can" masks I ask that you pay a fair price if you can/what you can afford.

I would love to see all these items go to people who can use them/need them.

All items can be picked up locally in georgetown north or there is a shipping option

100% OF ALL MONEY RAISED for masks along with many other sale items will be donated to the georgetown bread basket!