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Printing and Assembling A4 PDF pattern

Printing PDF patterns

You can print your pattern on a home printer in either A4 or letter size, Alternatively, if you do not wish to print and tape your tiled patterns at home (or do not have access to a printer), you can use the A0 file. The A0 file is made for printing on a large-scale print shop printer in 1-2 large sheets. You can take the file to any local print shop.

Projector files are also included for those who prefer to skip the paper all together and have access to a  calibrated projector


  • Make sure your printer is set to print ACTUAL SIZE (scale = 100%) and the orientation is centered
  • Make sure the pattern is printing correctly using the pattern scale on the first page. Print the first page of the tiled pattern only and double check that the scale box (1”-2” square) is measuring correctly.
  • Most patterns have a layers feature for ease of printing. You can use this feature to select and print only the sizes/options of your choosing. Select the layers icon to the left of the screen in Adobe reader to open up the available layers. Select the sizes/options you would like to print by toggling the box next to each option on or off.


Assembling your PDF pattern (A4)

Once your pattern pages are printed, you will need to tape them together to create the fully scaled pattern. Each page is numbered in order of placement. You can refer to the print page diagram and layout at the beginning of the pattern for a visual of the final completed pattern.

Arrange the pattern pages together, in order, making sure to overlap slightly and line up the corner circles with coordinating letter markings. Tape or glue the pages together, making sure not to cover up the pattern lines.

Cut the pattern out and you are ready to sew!