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CHILD polypropylene mask filter - 10 pack

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Washable and reusable polypropylene face mask filters

It is now recommended by the CDC & WHO to wear 3-layer masks. If your mask is 2-layer, this product will help you convert it to a 3-layer by using this soft (yet structured) non-woven polypropylene fabric that provided up to 84% filtration for a single layer. It is reusable and washable.

Made to work with our fitted style face masks (may work with other fitted masks - can be trimmed for a better fit if needed in other masks)

Can add up to 2 filters to our masks for added protection, while keeping the same comfort and weight of our current masks

Made from 100% (68 GSM - Grams per Square Meter or Two Ounces per Square Yard) Non-Woven Polypropylene
* Up to 84% @ 0.1 micron for a single layer of this fabric. Keep in mind that when you use it with your existing cloth, it will increase the rating per additional fabric layer. This is a non-medical solution that provides a high level efficiency of protection to the community.
* Formaldehyde free
* Does NOT mold or deteriorate in the presence of bacteria, mold or other elements.

 Easily Convert your existing masks from 2-layer to 3-layer to make them more effective in blocking particulates

 Washable up to 50 *C machine wash , hang to dry  - can be left in your mask and washed with your mask, no need to remove if you don't want,  No Shrinkage or Fray when washed; no Lint, Non Fusible (Fusible typically has plastic in it which does not make it ideal)